how to decorate your living room

5 tips to follow to successfully decorate your living room 3

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The living room is a room where we spend the majority of our time when we are at home.

This is why you would like to make it a bit more to your liking! However, you do not know where to start? That’s good, since we have put together a little practical guide that includes 10 tips to follow to avoid any faux-pas in living room decoration!

Hyper simple and practical, these tips will guide you through this fun part of redecorating.

1. Hide the electrical wires

Hide the electrical wires

In order for your living room to instantly look more in order, be sure to conceal all electrical wires, especially those connected to your TV and related devices.

Audiovisual furniture with closed compartments can do the trick and instantly simplify your life!

2. Have at least two sources of lighting

Have at least two sources of lighting

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Well-dosed lighting can totally transform a room! During the day, natural light usually does the work, but once darkness falls, it is important to have multiple light sources to give your living room a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

For light-diffusing lamps and select low-power bulbs for soft, relaxing lighting!

3. Incorporate storage baskets

Incorporate storage baskets

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Joysticks, cables, adapters, chargers and all other small techno gadgets will find their place in pretty storage baskets.

You can also use them to stow another throw or to put your mountain of cushions when you decide to take a nap on your couch. Storage baskets = simple and efficient organization!

4. Do not neglect the window dressing

Do not neglect the window dressing

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A proper window dressing can make ALL the difference in your living room.

First define your needs: are you the type to listen to lots of movies and want a room that bathes in the shadows? Opaque blinds could be a good option. Do you read a lot and want maximum natural light? A light curtain will do the job.

Depending on the case, take the time to shop your windows well and do not forget to measure the dimensions of your windows!

5. Add some greenery

Add some greenery

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If you’re a fan of minimalist deco and you’re not one to paint your walls with dapper colors, plants can be a great way to add color to your living room.

And in addition to adding life to your decor, they improve the quality of the air!


  1. This was a great and simple and simple to follow read!

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